R.I.P., Andy...

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Трагическая новость пришла от шведских друзей.
Безвременно ушёл из жизни Андреас Перссон (более известный как Andy Pierce), вокалист культовой шведской рок-группы NASTY IDOLS. Ему было всего 45 лет.
R.I.P., käre Andy...

"We would like to take a moment of silence for Andy Pierce lead singer of Nasty Idols who passed away last night......RIP

Andy Pierce has died

Death. Andy Pierce, lead singer of Nasty Idols , has passed away.
Published December 7, 2013 19:58 · Updated December 7, 2013 20:00

TEXT : Peter Županović

- He died Thursday of a stroke at the home of his girlfriend in Denmark. I was told by his mother today, says band member Peter Espinoza .
- We band members have been talking a lot and it's a shock. It goes up and down . One minute you do not think about it and then the next second , it strikes one as a bomb. It is terribly sad .
Anders Persson , who was his real name , was raised in Hollviken . Summer of 1987 he formed the sleaze metal band Nasty Idols in Malmö together with bassist Dick Qwarfort . The following year the band released their first single " Do not Walk From Love," which was followed by their first album " Gigolos On Parole " in 1989.
The band also had time to drop the discs " Cruel Intentions" and "Vicious" before they split in 1995. Before the split, the band managed to record another album , "Heroes for sale ," which was not released until 2002.
The band reunited in 2006 and did " Rejects On The Road " tour . Before that, they did even a gig at Sweden Rock.
Peter Espinoza remembers Anders Persson as a person with humor.
- He was a very funny man . We always had duster when we were up and play . My hair falls off , it will sooner or later most of them , and he always said " It 's cool that you're bald but had it not been cooler with a cap ? '. We always had such small things for us. He was a very wonderful and funny man , says Peter Espinoza .
Anders Persson became 45 years old."

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2013-12-08 в 20:02 

Sy-Op*s [DELETED user]
А причина какая?

2013-12-09 в 17:33 

Addicted to Rock
ReinXeed_Girl, сказали, что кровоизлияние в головной мозг (инсульт).

2013-12-09 в 17:34 

Sy-Op*s [DELETED user]
Ужас. :(

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